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  Dr. Hankins T.S. Police Museum & Discovery Center 

  Take a step back in time on a tour through our historical center. You can travel into our past taking a look at various uniforms, and equipment used by the Andhra Pradesh State Police over the years.
          During the  tour, visitors can see  numerous antique equipment related  to law enforcement. The Historical Center also serves as the administrative office of the Andhra Pradesh State Police Youth Services.

      The Telangana State Police Academy (TSPA) is promoting a Police Museum in the memory of  Dr.  Hankins, the  first Inspector General of Police, Nizam State, In Deccan, the British pattern of Policing was subsequently  adopted by the enlightened Prime Minister Sir Salar Jung - 1st during the regime of Nizam V to VI. In 1890 full-fledged policing system was inducted throughout Nizam state under  the Inspector General of Police, Dr.Hankin who served in the year 1880 


The Museum has five galleries. 

                   1) Edged Arms Gallery,

                   2) Fire Arms Gallery, 

                   3) Police Gallery, 

                   4) Forensic Gallery,

                   5)Communication Gallery.

        1) EDGED ARMS GALLERY: includes collection of  edged arms like different types of bow, arrow, spears, swords, daggers and freek arms including the Yatagan sword of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, Swords : Zulfiquar Sword of Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. Alamgir an Adi sword belongs to the Qutub Shahi period with embossing work of Quranic verse. There are 10 unique swords which were made by noted sword smiths like Asadullah Isfthani, Muhammed Muqim (Iran), Muhammed Moallim al Misri of Egypt, Muhammed Anbia (Iran), Syed Ahmed & Muhamed Hammed (Turkish) and some swords which are made in  famous companies like Henry Wilkinson, London, , Windsor & Co., London, Wilkinson Pall Mall, England,  Badham Pile & Co. Bombay. 

        The collection of edged arms ranging from 17th to 20th centuries include  Shamsheer, Patta, Yatghan, Sosun Patta, Saif, Talwar, Fencing, Adi, Dhup, Dao, Ramdao, Tegha, and Zulfiqar.  The collection of swords with the Damascus blades with inscription decorated with zarbuland work.  The sword with jade & ivory hilt and some hilts are profusely embellished with floral, creeper design in gold & silver and decorated with ivory, wallrus ivory. Some are with Zarbuland, Tahnasheen work and a few have appliqué work.

 Daggers and Knives : There are three types of  daggers in different shapes and varieties like Jamdher, Khard, Pesh, Qabz, Gupti, Bichhwa, Nagan and  Knives like Khukri, Dastana etc., The Kindjal or Quma of

 Nawab Jaffar Ali Khan has floral & creeper design with inscriptions in gold.
 Arrows & Quiver: The collection of arrows & quiver is also historic of 19th Century with the 

 arrow heads in the shape of almond and needle with wooden shaft. A  two piece quiver with clamps beautifully designed quiver head shows the fine workmanship of 19th century.
 Spear : There are varieties of spear collection like Bhala, Nezah,  Barchha, Javellin, Ballam and Sak, in which some are decorated with silver and brass strips Five spears belong to Sikh community & One Javelin having Gang Jamni work


Other Weapons : In other weapons (Mace) varying in shape & from like Kistin, Gurz, Falil, Dau, etc. The kistin a sphere attached by a chain like athletes  throwing hammed.  The Gurz had steel  pointed spike3 on shaft.  The Dau had a grip in the center. The collection of war and tribal also a good varied

Zulfiqar Sword : Zulfiqar, straight serrated blade down side completely and upper side on the lower end, belongs to mughal emperor Aurang zeb Alamgir with gold inscription in Naskh script.  Talwar shaped hilt decorated with copper zarbuland work. Gold gilding erased.  The hilt has a guard.

Yataghan : Yataghan, curved blade with inscription both sides and also on the opposite side of edge with a symbol of sun  belonged to the Mughal emperor Shahjahan.  The blade is grooved three lines both sides and also on the opposite side of the edge.  The hilt is decorated with zarbuland work of gold with floral and craper design.  The blade also has the seal of sword smith in black grove.

Shamsheer: Shamsheer, curved blade, Damascus water steel. One side of the blade engraved the sword smith in Thulth script with gold.  The Talwar shaped hilt decorated with Zarbuland work of gold with florar and creeper design

2) FIRE ARMS GALLERY:  The collection of fire arms  dates back to 14th century. Variety of cannons is in the collection  which were made in Hyderabad at Toup Ka Sancha and early Burning Cord guns of 1450 A.D.  The collection of Burning Cord guns is unique and series of evolution guns from 15th to 20th century.  No other museum presents such a marvellous collection.  Very big and heavy size guns which cannot be lifted  by a single person are also in the collection.  The Muzzle load, Breech load, Match lock, wheel lock, Flint lock, Pill lock, Percussion, Patch look needle fire, Pinfire, Rimfire gun like Pistols which were made by renowned companies  like Janssen files Co., (1716), Winchest Repeating Co., USA.  The famous manufacturers London like Tower John Bills, Chas Osborne, Holts & Sons, Thomas Bland & Sons, Wilkinson & Sons, P.Webley & Sons, Jas Beattle & US Companies like Winchest 

Repeating Co.  Thaca Gun co., Ny., Remington Arms Co. France, P.Webley & Sons, Birmingham a five chamber Revolver made by Chas Osborne & Co.., London for Sesha Challa Chetty & Sons, Madras are also on display.  Two guns which were manufactured in Hyderabad are to show that the Hyderabad state was in no way less  compared to the European countries.  There is uni chamber revolver  in the collection.


3) POLICE GALLERY: The Police Gallery have Photographs of  Police Personnel of Nizams period and the Andhra Pradesh coins and currency, Insignia & Shoulder badges, hats, fake currency, seals of Nizam's dominion and house breaking articles etc.


4) COMMUNICATION GALLERY : In this gallery Communication equipment of earlier periods is  seen. 


5) FORENSIC GALLERY : The Forensic Gallery consist of forensic equipments, photographs, skeletons, finger print moulds etc.